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Тото - Fahrenheit

BTA 12204

Side One.
01 - Till The End. (David Paich, Joseph Williams)
02 - We Can Make It Tonight. (Joseph Williams, Jeff Porcero)
03 - Without Your Love. (David Paich)
04 - Can't Stand Any Longer. (David Paich, Steve Lukather, Joseph Williams)
05 - I'll Be Over You. (Steve Lukather, Randy Goodrum)

Side Two.
01 - Fahrenheit. (David Paich, Joseph Williams)
02 - Somethere Tonight. (Jeff Porcereo, David Paich, Steve Lukather)
03 - Could This Be Love. (David Paich, Joseph Williams)
04 - Lea. (Steve Porcaro)
05 - Don't Stop Me Now. (Steve Lukather, David Paich)

Michael Porcaro - bass
Steve Porcaro - keyboards, electronics
Jeff Porcaro - drums, percussion
Steve Lukather - guitar, vocals
Joseph Williams - vocals
David Paich - keyboards, vocals

Produced and arranged by TOTO
Mixed by Greg Ladanyi
Engineered by Tom Knox and Shep Lonsdale

"Don't Stop Me Now" mixed by Tom Knox

Manufactured under license
Made in Bulgaria

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